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Office Window Tinting

Office Window Tinting

Office Window Tinting

Based in Wakefield, Universal Tinting aim to supply the best customer service and window tinting installations to office buildings and other commercial buildings throughout Doncaster, Barnsley, Pontefract, Castleford and the surrounding areas. Office window tinting installations bring a great range of benefits to your building to help improve the work environment.

Window tinting can reduce glare within your building by up to 95%. This is particularly important in office environments where staff spend a large portion of their day using computers. Reducing glare from outside environments makes viewing screens more comfortable, helping to reduce fatigue and potentially increasing productivity.

Window tinting can also provide privacy benefits for your building. Tinting exterior windows prevents the public from seeing in to your office, while interior frosted window film allows for privacy in certain sections or rooms of the working environment.

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Commercial Tinting

Our window tinting services also bring a range of benefits to other commercial buildings, including shops, bars and restaurants. Tinted windows can increase safety and security in these environments, as the film bonds to the glass which helps hold the glass together if a window is broken.

Safety in the workplace is paramount, if your glass windows do not comply with HSE regulations we can apply a clear safety film that will bring the glass in line with current EN12600 regulation; whilst reducing health and safety risk if they are broken, protecting yourself, your staff and your customers.

The benefits even expand to the comfort of your building. Tinted windows can reduce heat by the sun on hot days, whilst also reducing harmful UV rays.

We provide a wide range of window tinting services to offices and commercial buildings. Contact us for a Free Quote on any of our office and commercial window tinting services.

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